Sunday, May 18, 2008


Today, I signed up to Scribd - the YouTube for documents. It allows you to upload and share your documents and browse other interesting documents by category. The interface has borrowed a lot of the basic design principles from YouTube. Documents can be displayed and embedded as html or the under-utilized, and faster-than-a-pdf, Flash paper format. They can be downloaded as .pdf’s, .docs, .txt, and even .mp3 files. The mp3 version is created by Scribd’s text-to-speech package that lets you listen to the text of your document in a British accent. Scribd also lets you view all the statistics generated by documents you post, such as how many votes and views your piece gets, as well as geographic location and http referrer that brought the reader there.

I've started uploading some of my interesting school and university projects which I probably don't have the need for any more.

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