Sunday, December 27, 2009

Using Hermes to Browse WebLogic Topics/Queues

Hermes is a useful tool which allows you to browse JMS topics and queues. I use WebLogic as my JMS provider and it was not trivial trying to connect to my topic using Hermes, so I thought I'd post instructions to help others trying to do the same.

Here are the steps you need to take, in order to browse WebLogic queues and topics using Hermes:

1. Install HermesJMS

  • Download Hermes from here.
  • It comes as an installer jar file which you can run using the command: java -jar hermes-installer-1.13.jar.
  • Once installed, start it using hermes.bat.

2. Add WebLogic Provider
You need to add the weblogic jar to the classpath as follows:

  • On the menubar go to Actions > New > New session... to open the Preferences dialog.
  • Click on the Providers tab.
  • Right-click to Add Group and call it "weblogic92", for example.
  • Right-click on Library to Add JAR(s) and select your weblogic jar file from the file chooser dialog.
  • Select Don't Scan when prompted to scan the jar file.
  • Click Apply and close the dialog.
3. Create WebLogic Session
  • On the menubar go to Actions > New > New session... to open the Preferences dialog.
  • Click on the Sessions tab.
  • Type a name for the session. For example, "myweblogic".
  • In the Plug In list select BEA WebLogic.
  • Under Connection Factory class, pick hermes.JNDITopicConnectionFactory.
  • Select weblogic92 (defined in step 2) from the Loader dropdown.
  • Add property: initialContextFactory with a value of weblogic.jndi.WLInitialContextFactory.
  • Add property: providerURL with a value of your URL e.g. t3://myhost:2120.
  • Add property: binding with a value of the name of your connection factory e.g. myConnectionFactory.
  • Add any other properties you may have e.g. securityCredentials etc.
  • Remove all Destinations by right-clicking and selecting Remove.
  • Press OK.
4. Discover Topics/Queues
  • On the left navigation tree, go into jms > sessions > myweblogic.
  • Right-click "myweblogic" (the new session created in step 3), and click Discover. You will see a list of queues and topics appear.
  • Click on any one of them to browse.


  1. I am trying to configure Germes 1.14 with the Weblogic.jar 10.3 because it is seem not possible for public to download the 8.1 or 9.2 mentioned in the blog. It hangs forever, and when I shrinked the jar size by removing the other packages, Hetrmes is looking for the absent class in the package I left (brought back actually, i.e. it is not in the original jar, see below)!

    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: weblogic/security/subject/AbstractSubject

    Not is sure was meant to use it with Hermes... Any way from here?

    Thank you

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