Monday, May 05, 2014

Coursera class: Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems

A few weeks ago, I completed the "Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems" class led by Adam Porter. This Coursera class started in January 2014 and was around 8 weeks long. It was a great class in which we learnt about the Android Platform and how to build Android applications. The course covered Android Activities, Intents, Fragments, User Notifications, Services, ContentProviders, BroadcastReceivers, Location & Maps, Alarms and much more! There were many fun assignments along the way too. Whenever I'm using apps on my phone, I now have a better idea of how they are built and what they are doing behind the scenes.

Now, I just need to find the time to build some apps!

Update (30 Aug 2014): I have committed my assignment solutions to my GitHub repository.

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  1. Fahd, i like your choice of courses - believe Stanford online courses, and Coursera - in particular for Scala, are excellent. Writing this in 2014 - Would also add PluralSight online learning (paid, but cheap).


  2. This class was a good introduction to Android programming concepts. I think the professor did a good job of presenting the material.

    The only negative that I have is in regards to the forums. Apparently no one was moderating them because there was rampant cheating taking place in plain sight.

    Overall I recommend this class. It was fun and pretty easy.

    Android Apps Developer