Monday, February 04, 2008

Sea Monsters 3D @ BFI IMAX

Last Saturday, we decided to go and watch Sea Monsters 3D at the BFI IMAX Cinema. I've never been to the IMAX before and the experience was far better than I expected! The screen is the largest in Britan and the sound system is also larger than life.

The show kicks off with a quick announcement by one of the staff welcoming us to the auditorium and telling us about the film. First, there is a light and sound show in which you even get to see the speakers behind the screen. This is followed by an animated 3D clip which is awesome and then the actual film.

A 3D film consists of two films being shown simultaneously. The 3D camera has two lenses set the same distance apart as our eyes, and films both the left and the right eye images at the same time. The two pictures are then projected through polarized glass, each eye polarized differently so that the left eye does not see the image of the right eye and vice versa. You need to put special polarising glasses on which filter the left and right images to keep the images separate. Your brain then converges the two images and it appears in 3D. Suddenly you find yourself reaching out to touch what you believe to be right before your very eyes!

Sea Monsters 3D was an amazing film which allows you to get immersed right into the depths of the ocean and follow the lives of sea creatures. You see shoals of fish swimming right past you and sharks jump out of the screen to bite your face off! The experience is so realistic that you even hear children scream in fear when something comes towards them!

You can book a film online and choose seats. We had middle aisle seats and they were perfect. I am looking forward to going there again!

Sea Monsters 3D


Saturday 02 February 2008 at 14:10

2 seats allocated
A Seated Layout H11 - H12 at 8.50 (ADULT)

Transaction Charge: 1.00
Total Cost: 18.0