Saturday, December 13, 2008

XP Uptime Record

My computer has been up for 151 days!

This is the XP machine I use every day at work and even log on from home, after work and on weekends. I'm surprised to see that it hasn't needed a reboot for so long.

Sadly, there's a powerdown in the building tonight...

Finding Uptime on XP
Use the systeminfo command and the look for "System Up Time"

C:\> systeminfo | find "System Up"
  System Up Time: 151 Days, 9 Hours, 45 Minutes, 8 Seconds
Finding Uptime on Solaris or Linux
Use the uptime command:
sharfah@starship:~> uptime
  5:46pm  up 2 day(s), 7:30, 1 user, load average: 3.79, 5.55, 5.41
You can also find out when your system booted up, by using who -b:
sharfah@starship:~> who -b
 system boot Dec 10 11:16

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