Saturday, August 06, 2011

Eclipse: Default to "File Search" Tab in Search Dialog

I don't like the fact that Eclipse defaults to "Java Search" whenever you open the Search Dialog (Ctrl+H), because I almost ALWAYS need "File Search". I then need to press Ctrl+Page Up to switch to the "File Search" tab. The good news is that there is a way to make Eclipse default to "File Search" by changing your key bindings. This is how:
  • Go to Window > Preferences and navigate to General > Keys
  • Type Open Search Dialog in the filter text box to search for the command. You should see it bound to Ctrl+H. Click on the command and press Unbind Command
  • Now type File Search and click on the command. In the Binding text field enter Ctrl+H
  • Press Apply
Now, whenever you hit Ctrl+H, the Search Dialog will show the File Search tab by default!

Another thing...
You can clean up the Search Dialog by removing those tabs that you don't need. Do this by opening the Search Dialog (Ctrl+H) and then clicking on Customize.... Deselect the ones you don't need e.g. Task Search, JavaScript Search, Plug-in Search, Spring Pointcut Matches etc.


  1. Thanks for the post, 90% of the time I just get annoyed when the Java Search appears.

  2. thanks. totally going to save me some time.

  3. Thanks - this should be the default way of searching.

  4. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Thank you! This also bothered me.


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