Saturday, January 14, 2012

stackoverflow - 30k rep

Seven months after crossing the 20k milestone, I've now achieved a reputation of 30k on stackoverflow! The following table shows some interesting stats about my journey so far:
0-10k 10-20k 20-30k Total
Date achieved 01/2011 05/2011 01/2012
Questions answered 546 376 253 1175
Questions asked 46 1 6 53
Tags covered 609 202 83 894
(gold, silver, bronze)
(2, 10, 23)
(0, 4, 10)
(2, 8, 23)
(4, 22, 56)
As I mentioned before, I have really enjoyed being a member of stackoverflow. For me, it has not simply been a quest for a high reputation, but more about learning new technologies and picking up advice from other experts on the site. I like to take on challenging questions, rather than the easy ones, because it pushes me to do research into areas I have never looked at before, and I learn so much during the process.

I have to admit, I haven't spent much time on stackoverflow recently. I've been busy at work and also took up three Stanford online courses which I completed at the end of last year.

Now let's see how fast I can make it to 40k!

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