Sunday, April 02, 2023

Java 20: Record Patterns in For Loops

Previously, I wrote about "Record Patterns" introduced in Java 19, that allow you to "deconstruct" records and access their components directly.

In Java 20 (released a couple of weeks ago!), record patterns have been enhanced so that they can also be used in for loops.

Here is an example that uses a nested record pattern in a for loop to print out a list of records:

record Author(String firstName, String lastName) {}
record Book(String title, Author author, double price) {}

static void printBooks(List<Book> books) {
  for (Book(var title, Author(var firstName, var lastName), var price): books) {
    System.out.printf("%s by %s %s for %.2f\n", title, firstName, lastName, price);
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