Monday, August 28, 2006

Why Choose Windows?

  • Choose Bill Gates as your Dark Lord.
  • Choose service packs every three months to fix the 800 bugs introduced in the last one.
  • Choose an assload of obscure shovelware apps and shitty games and an Office suite that needs 18 gigs to write a letter.
  • Choose selling your soul to piracy.
  • Choose cheap ass parts from Korea.
  • Choose Winamp skins that look like snot.
  • Choose the blue screen of death.
  • Choose hordes of 133t skript kiddiez clogging the internet with their shit.
  • Choose running Norton and ZoneAlarm constantly to fight off the newest viruses.
  • Choose using letters for drives while wondering where the hell B:\ went.
  • Choose Steve Balmer jumping across the stage like a gorilla in heat.
  • Choose a damn crapshoot every time you install a program or add a peripheral.
  • Choose Microsoft squashing competitors and finding new ways to take over the world.
  • Choose sitting on your fat ass, mocking Linux users in chatrooms and forums, drowning in your own bile about Intel and AMD who think stealing from others is "innovation".
  • Choose your future.
Choose Windows.

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