Saturday, January 01, 2011 in 2010

Happy 2011!
I'd like to wish everyone a great start to an even greater new year!

During 2010, I posted 47 new entries on, which is 23% more than in 2009. In addition to more posts, I am thrilled that I have more readers from all over the world too! Thanks for reading!

Top 5 posts of 2010:

I'm going to be writing a lot more this year, so stay tuned for more great techie tips, tricks and hacks! :)


  1. Hye, i'm amy...currently i'm doing my final year project..but i have some problem..if u don't mind,can u give me ur email address so that i can contact u via email..thank u

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  3. oh..this is my email u can reply this message through my email..really hope u can help me...thank u once again XD